Pubs and Restaurants

The Goat in Boots

Recognising the potential of a rundown pub on the Fulham Road, The Goat in Boots, Longshot purchased its first venture and quickly turned the business around. Within 2 years the turnover had trebled, delivering the highest turnover per square foot ever achieved by a London pub. After 1000 days the debt had been repaid and the business was sold for 17 times the equity invested.

‘An absolute institution...Fulham wouldn’t be Fulham without this place’ Itchy guide, London

Vingt Quatre

Realising a gap in the market for good food available at unsociable hours, Longshot filled the niche with their highly successful 24-hour restaurant and became pioneers of the 24 hour cause. VQ’s clientele are a cocktail of business people, night-workers, clubbers and models. Famous for its breakfasts, VQ attracts customers throughout the day and night with its relaxing atmosphere and inexpensive, high-quality food.

‘Whether you’re hiding with a breakfast-time hangover, lunching with a lover, taking tea for two or on a hot date, Vingt-Quatre is the place to go’ GQ Magazine, June 2006

The Admiral Codrington

Having drifted into decline after the heydays of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Longshot saw ‘The Cod’s’ potential for reincarnation. With a complete refurbishment designed by Nina Campbell and a menu created by Michelin starred chef Steven Terry; Longshot transformed The Admiral Codrington into a smart pub and restaurant, a key neighbourhood venue.

‘(Longshot) orchestrated a sensational transformation from a downat-heel boozer into a serene pub and spectacular restaurant’ Evening Standard, May 2003

The Salisbury Tavern

Longshot followed the successful model of The Admiral Codrington to re-launch The Salisbury Tavern, offering a quality product at a price the local audience were prepared to pay. Longshot dismantled the perception that eating out has to be a rare experience, with an emphasis on quality rather than formality. Former Mirabelle chef Charlie Rushton designed a modern British menu and Nina Campbell made the interior inviting and unique with a retractable glass roof for alfresco dining.

‘Excellent food in an informal setting: that’s the dining experience at the Salisbury Tavern’ ICE Magazine, July 2000

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