Joel Cadbury

Joel Cadbury is a born entrepreneur, the son of Peter Cadbury (Westward television & Keith Prowse) and Jennifer d’Abo (Ryman & Moyses Stevens). Joel’s first and only job was a three month role as ‘factory boy’ at Thomas Tingley Steel Works in Elephant and Castle. He subsequently spent 5 years in the nightclub business working with over 30 clubs, entertaining 4,000 people per week until aged 23, an opportunity arose to purchase a bar and ended up with the acquisition of The Goat in Boots building and the foundation of Longshot in 1994.

Since then, Joel has been the Chief Executive of Longshot. He remains on the Board of The Groucho Club and The Third Space, as well as being on the Board of The Royal Parks Foundation.

Ollie Vigors

Having also worked in the nightclub business, whilst gaining a retailing degree from Oxford Brookes University, Ollie joined Freud Communications as an account manager before leaving in 1995 to join Longshot.

Since joining Ollie has, at various times, been Managing Director of all aspects of Longshot’s businesses. At all times responsible for building design, brand and development projects.